This week the weather surprised us, but now it is clear that +8 degrees means that there will be no snow. So this will be Riga autumn rogaine, not winter rogaine! Below you will find important information about the event, which will help in the race day and in the distance.


The goal is to collect as many points as possible within the specified time. Check-points have different values, which is indicated by the first number (21=2 points). 

Before starting the distance you must check in START station, which will be located at the entrance of the corridor. Without checking into this station first no other check points will be counted. The end result will be counted only after all members of the team have checked in FINISH station which will be located under the arch. It will be checked if the wristband is not damaged, and only then it is allowed to take off the SI card.

If check point during the distance is stolen or damaged (doesn't work), then send SMS to +371 20011284 stating team number and particular check point number, for example, "NR 403, CP 23). Only then it will be counted. If you call and tell that it is stolen or damaged, it will not be counted. After sending SMS you can continue the distance. If afterall the check point would have been there, it will not be counted.

The race takes place within city limits with active traffic as well. Please make sure that you follow the traffic rules for your own safety. Contact numbers: +371 29218759, +371 20011284. Emergency situations: 113. If time limit is exceeded (2h, 4h or 6h), every minute late is minus 1 point. If it is more than 30 minutes, result is not counted. In every check point team members must check in within 1 minute.

Competition center is located at the shopping center "Spice" Lielirbes iela 29, Riga. See map: http://ej.uz/rudens-rogainings At the competition center there will be toilets, storage room, changing rooms for both women and men, registration, map distribution, first aid, awarding ceremony, warm tea. Participants will have the opportunity to buy "Isostar" energy drinks, gels and bars, there will  be "Garmin" tent, "Bandana" and "42km" products and other tents with variety of warm drinks. At the finish each participant will receive a medal, energy package and warm tea.

From 10:00 Registration starts
11:30 Handing out the maps
12:00 Start for all distances
14:00 Cut-off time for 2 hour distance
From 14:30 Award ceremony for 2 hour distance
16:00 Cut-off time for 4 hour distance
From 16:30 Award ceremony for 4 hour distance
18:00 Cut-off time for 6 hour distance
From 18:30 Award ceremony for 6 hour distance

All team members must come to the registration point to take out race numbers, say team name and sign in the registration protocol for taking out the number. Team captain cannot sign for others. In the team envelope there are race numbers, clips, SI cards, wristbands, as well as different coupons from sponsors. Teams that rent out compases or GPS, they will be given out together with envelopes.

At 11:30 one team member at the race center will be able to receive the maps, so teams could start planning the route. When receiving maps, it is important to read all the instructions. It is possible to do the planning in the tent, or any other place. Every team member has 1 map. Maps will be in rolls and in each roll there are 2 maps. Teams which consist of 3 participants, can take 2 rolls. Before the start everybody must attach wristband with SI card and keep it undamaged. When entering the start coridor it is obligatory to show the wristband to referee. 

Since traffic during the race is not closed, all the participants must follow the traffic rules, especially when crossing streets and street lights. When check point is found, all team members must check in waiting for a beep. Teams must check in at FINISH check point until the specified time. Check points that are visited after the control time, are not counted. In the finish corridor, everybody must grive all rented equipment to referee. Results will be displayed electronically on the screen at the race center, available also from mobile phones, when visiting race homepage. 

It is recommended to choose warm, active clothes, gloves, and comfortable shoes that are good for running both on the streets and in the woods. Every team must have fully charged mobile phone. It is also recommended to have a marker for planning the distance, compass with degree sections, ruler, watch, energy food, and drinks. 

Maps will be water proof, and every participant is responsible for preserving it in wet conditions. The map's scale is 1:20 000 - 1 cm on the map is equal to 200 m in reality, size of the map - 42 x 60 cm. Map is prepared based on publishing house's "Jāņa Sēta" materials. There are topographic symbols used on the map. The author of the map and the distance is Valters Kaminskis. Map example:


This time, the competition area will be around international airport "Riga". You will be able to see that 1km away from the airport terminal there is almost untouched nature and wild animals. One checkpoint is located where people come to watch planes arriving and departing - a romantic place.  A little further - on the other side of the airport territory - there are pure pine forests with spectacular Beberbeķu forest and Nerina river. Live and untouched. City part covers the entire Āgenskalns where you have to be careful in street labyrinths. Especially picturesque is Marupītes river shores with many exciting pedestrian trails that pass through unimaginable places. Safe step and successful track selection!



Nr. Kontrolpunkta atrašanās vieta / Checkpoint location Nr. Kontrolpunkta atrašanās vieta / Checkpoint location Nr. Kontrolpunkta atrašanās vieta / Checkpoint location
20 Žogs, R stūris / Fence, W corner 37 Grāvju krustojums / Ditch junction 54 Uz tilta, D gals / On the bridge, S end
21 Zem tilta, DA kāpņu gals / Under the bridge, SE stair end 38 Grāvju savienojums / Ditch junction 55 Koks / Tree
22 Koku puduris / Coapse 39 Starp ēkām / Between buildings 56 Grāvis, ZA gals / Ditch, NE end
23 Ēka, DR stūris / Building, SW corner 40 Liels koks / Big tree 57 Grāvis, ZA gals / Ditch NE end
24 Paugurs, R puse / Hillock, W side 41 Upes līkums, A puse / River bend, E side 58 Paugurs, lēzens / Hillock, flat
25 Ēka, DR stūris / Building, SW corner 42 Atklāta vieta, DR mala / Open area, SW side 59 Krūmu puduris, Z gals / Bush cluster, N end
26 Koku puduris / Coapse 43 Neliela ieplaka, ZA daļa / Small depression, NE part 60 DR dīķis, D puse / SW pond, S side
27 Koku puduris / Coapse 44 Ieplaka, A mala / Depression, E side 61 Neliels paugurs, ZR puse, koks / Small hillock, NW side, tree
28 Ēka, R stūris / Building, W corner 45 Paugurs, A gals, pakāje / Hillock, E end, on foot 62 Aizaugušu ceļu krustojums, koks / Overgrown road junction, tree
29 Dīķis, DR puse / Pond, SW side 46 Paugurs, lēzens, R daļa / Hillock, flat, W part 63 Grāvis, ZR gals / Ditch, NW end
30 Žogs, DA stūris / Fence, SE corner 47 Ieloks, lēzens / Fold, flat 64 Kalns, virsotne / hill, on top
31 Žogs, ZA stūris / Fence, NE corner 48 Ieloks / Fold 65 Atklāta vieta, Z mala, žogs / Open area, N side, fence
32 Starp dīķiem / Between ponds 49 Žogs, R stūris / Fence, W corner 66 Ieplaka / Depression
33 Vidējais paugurs, lēzens, A puse / Middle hillock, flat, E side 50 Ceļa līkums / Road elbow 67 Neliels grāvis, līkums / Small ditch, elbow
34 Liels koks / Big tree 51 Dīķis, D puse / Pond, S side 68 Mežs, DA stūris, grāvis / Forest, SE corner, ditch
35 Lidmašīna / Airplane 52 Paugurs, lēzens, DR daļa / Hillock, flat, SW part 69 Grāvju savienojums / Ditch junction
36 Žogs, R stūris / Fence, W corner 53 Krūmu puduris / Bush cluster Finišs zem arkas / Finish under arch

See you soon!
Riga Rogaining organizers