• What is rogaining?

    Rogaining is a team sport of long distance cross-country navigation and orienteering. Teams of 2 to 4 people choose which check points to visit within a certain time limit in order to maximise their score. Check points have different score value. Teams are ranked by the number of points they have collected. Classic rogaining races have 24 h time limit, however there are shorter races as well.

  • How many participants can be in a team?

    Teams can have 2-4 participants each.

  • What kind of teams can be formed?

    Teams can be formed by men and women only, or mixed.

  • What are the possible distances?

    There are distances with a time limit of 2 hours, 4 hours and 6 hours, rogaining walk and an individual running race.

  • Where is it possible to register a team?

    It is possible to register a team online www.rigasrogainings.lv. Registration is open until Friday of the competition week.

  • What kind of equipment is necessary for the race?

    To participate in the race it is necessary to have a race map, race number and SI card given by organisers. Other things that might be helpful: a compass with degree graduation, water-proof marker for writing, ruler, watch, sports drink, snacks for energy, warm water-proof clothing, reflective elements on clothing, headlamp for 6 hour distance participants is advisable.

  • How to check in at check points correctly?

    In each check point is located checking device, where the SI card must be inserted. Teams must hear a signal to know that checking is successful. If there is no signal, teams must follow instruction on map and then continue the distance. Correct checking ensures that information is collected in each check point regarding time when checkpoint attended and team number. Data is saved in both SI card and check point electronic device.

  • Is it possible to use personal SI cards?

    No, SI cards are provided by organisers and included in the participation fee.

  • Will the maps be water-proof?

    Yes, maps will be water-proof, however participants themselves are responsible for preserving them during the wet weather conditions.

  • How long is each distance?
    2 hour distance: approximately 7-10 km on foot, 15-25 km when running.
    4 hour distance: approximately 15-20 km on foot, 25-35 km when running. 
    6 hour distance: approximately 20-30 km on foot, 35-50 km when running.
  • How valuable is each check point?

    Check points have different value - they are typically 2 or 3 digit numbers. For 2 digit number the value of each check point is determined by the first digit, however for 3 digit number - by the first two digits.

  • How to register additional team member?

    In order to register additional team member, an e-mail to the organisers must be sent to rogainings@xrace.lv with a request to add additional team member. E-mail must contain all the necessary information about the new team member. After organisers gave approved the new participant, participation fee must be paid - amount according to the reglament of the event at that moment.

  • Where to do the participation fee transfer?

    Beneficiary: Piedzīvojumu sacensību apvienība
    Beneficiary's registration number: 40008154479
    Bank account: LV39PARX0021201040001
    Bank: Citadele banka AS
    Payment description: "Team name" participation in Riga Rogaining.

  • Organizers gave us SI cards, but it is not written which SI card is for me. What do I do?

    SI cards are not assigned to a particular team member, but to the team as a whole, so there is no difference which SI card is used by which team member.

  • How to cancel participation in Riga rogaining?

    To cancel your participation in Riga rogaining, send e-mail to rogainings@xrace.lv with information. If participants cancel their registration, the team does not arrive to the competition or the race is cancelled due to force majeure, the participation fee is not refunded.


    No, it is not possible to participate without a team in 2h, 4h, 6h distances. Individual runners can choose Rogaining run with 4h time cut.


    Team members and chosen distance can be changed by sending necessary information to rogainings@xrace.lv until competition week. All changes in team or distance made after that will be charged 5 EUR.