Registration for Riga spring rogaining 2018 has begun!

Time is running fast, and winter, which is still approaching, will go by unnoticed! As usual, we will soon meet with the first rays of sunshine and flower buds and celebrate spring n Riga together – participating in Riga spring rogaining on March 24th! Therefore, we are sending you a happy message right now - registration for Riga spring rogaining has begun! Until the end of the year everyone can register for the most attractive participation fee.

Riga rogaining 2017 race map is published!

On Saturday, November 18th, there will be many reasons to celebrate - this weekend will be both - full of sports activities and celebrations. During the day Riga rogaining will take place next to the shopping mall "Spice Home" , but in the evening many will celebrate anniversary of Independence day of Latvia, enjoy fireworks and  other activities with friends or family provided in Riga. Remember that only until Sunday, November 12th (including Sunday), it is possible to register for Riga rogaining for cheaper participation fee, as well as register children for free.  

Riga spring rogaining 2017 - pre-start information

Although the weather is changing every day, one we know for sure - we will not have to jump through snow! The spring has come to Riga, and also on Sunday it is expected that the air temperature warms up to 8 degrees. Discover the spring with us! Below we offer the most important information to help you navigate through the Sunday and the race.

Riga spring rogaining 2017 map is published

On Sunday, March 26, team orienteering competition "Riga spring rogaining" will take place in Mežaparks, Riga. It has been taken place in various regions in Riga, and this will be the sixth time. Every race brings together great numbers of domestic orientation adherents, as well as an active holiday lovers and foreign visitors. Already, every participant has the opportunity to become acquainted with the race map and the districts of Riga, where the checkpoints will will be placed.


This week the weather surprised us, but now it is clear that +8 degrees means that there will be no snow. So this will be Riga autumn rogaine, not winter rogaine! Below you will find important information about the event, which will help in the race day and in the distance.