Riga spring rogaining 2017 offers new distance for trail runners

Riga spring rogaining 2017 invites you to find your Riga! Choose 6h, 4h, 2h rogaine, Rogainings walk for kids or the newest distance - 7km individual trail running race in Mežaparks!

Riga spring rogaine is one of the first spring races, and this year for the first time it will take place on Sunday, March 26. Mežaparks was selected as the competition center - the old Hippodrome area at Meža prospekts 5, where there is a parking lot for Mežaparks visitors. See on map: http://ej.uz/r-p-rogainings. On race day participants will be able to park the car at the race center at a reduced cost - 2 EUR per day.

Riga spring rogaining territory will be Riga Northern district - historical foreign trade and industrial zone on the right bank of the river Daugava. Around 750 years ago monks built a watermill on a small river Dūņupes that connected lake Ķīšezers to Daugava river. River got the name "mill ditch" or "Mühlen Graben”, which is now the Mīlgrāvis. Since then, part of the Northern District territory has changed beyond recognition. Freeport of Riga, which is one of the Baltic Sea major ports, has taken the right bank of the Daugava and Daugava’s island meadows. There are also areas that have remained relatively constant - sea coast, Vecāķu forest, lake Ķīšezers coast Mežaparks - recreational areas.

Territory of Riga spring rogaining is really diverse - from the quiet center of Riga and to the Vecāķu beach. In the previous Riga rogaining in autumn participants got to see larger and smaller aircrafts, but this spring rogaine will give the opportunity for participants to meet the Riga Freeport incoming ships, which will be seen from the Vecmīlgrāvis bridge leading across the historical river Dūņupe, now - Mīlgrāvis. What will be your strategy?

Riga spring rogaining will offer a new distance for individual participants - about 7 kilometers long trail running race. It is a great opportunity to take part in Riga rogaine as an individual member, including those participants who do not have experience in orienteering. About 7 kilometer race distance will take participants through visible trails and paved walkways in Mežaparks, and will be a great opening race of spring running season! Register until 26 February to get the cheapest participation fee – 10 EUR.