On Saturday, March 26th, next to the shopping mall Atrium Azur, Riga Rogaining took place for the 4th time, and it gathered participants from 6 countries.

The winner in the longest 6h distance was the team from Latvia "Vajag bik ātrāk" which consisted of Zigmunds Bībers and Andris Ronimoiss. They won Estonian and Finnish team "Armo&Juha" having 2 points more.

Starting point for all the distances was at 12pm, next to the shopping mall "Atrium Azur". There were participants from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, and France. Rogaining Walk also took place there - with the Bear, Squirrel, and Hare, looking for check points in Ķengarags.


In 2 hour distance winners were brothers Oskars and Edgars Cimermaņi from Smiltene, that collected 69 points - 3 points more than closest followers from the team "Šacis and Bricis", 3rd place - Valters Freidenfelds and Jānis Šnepste from the team "Isostar High Energy". In womens' category the winner was "2 Bļinčiki", however - in mixed category - Nellija Baliko and Mārtiņš Ozoliņš fro mthe team "Riga Adventure Team - Isostar". Among families - the team from Estonia "Potsataja".


In 4h category there were almost 160 teams. The winners were brothers Kārlis and Kaspars Vīksnes from Cēsis. 2nd place and one point less - "Skrien Sigulda" - Kaspars Kārkliņš and Kristaps Brūners. 3rd place - brothers Andris and Zigmārs Gaiļi fro mthe team "Neliels treniņš". Among mixed teams the winner was "Isostar Mix" - Guntars Mankus and Irita Puķīte, however in women's category - "SEL Team" - Zanda Abzalone and Kristīne Brunere.


In 6h category there were the most number of teams, and among 178 teams the winner was "Vajag bik ātrāk" - Zigmunds Bībers and Andris Ronimoiss - 171 points. 2nd place - "Apakšgrāvja adipināts", 3rd place - " vīri". Among veterans the strongest team was "Armo & Juha" - Estonian and Finnish team, however among super-veterans - "Līvāni" (Varis Peisenieks and Jānis Turks) - 33 sec faster than 2nd place. Among juniors - team "Rokam Nost!".


In the mixed group the best team was “Surströmming” - Vieda Lūsa, Jānis Zaharāns, Jēkabs Dzenis, veteran group - Jānis Nāgelis and Baiba Ozola from "Mona V", mixed super-veterans - "Mona XA" - Pēteris Zariņš and Alīda Ābola, however - mixed junior team - "JNSC" - Krista Strautniece and Aivis Šiliņš.


In the women category the best team in 6h distance was women veteran team "Crazy sisters" - Gunta Lebedoka and Iveta Zāģere, which won only 4 seconds to "Sciurus vulgaris" - Inga Kāpiņa and Dace Veipa. Women super-veteran group - 84 points and victory - "HO-HO" - Izolde Jumare, Andra Melbārde, and Inese Purgaile. Women junior group - Una Čonka and Zane Nāgele - "Meh nē".


Riga Rogaining took place already for the 4th time.Next race will take place on November 19th, 2016 in some of the parts of Pārdaugava. Rogaining is orienteering sports where teams of 2 to 5 people collect check-points within certain amount of time. The goal is to collect the most number of points. There is no specific distance - each team chooses it on its own.


Rogaining is a team sport of long distance cross-country navigation and orienteering. Teams of 2 to 5 people choose which check points to visit within a certain time limit in order to maximise their score. Check points have different score value. Teams are ranked by the number of points they have collected. Teams participate in 2, 4 and 6 h distance without any age limit. Race is sponsored by Riga City Council and Department of Education, Culture and Sports and the Riga City Council. It is supported by Isostar, Garmin, Asics, shopping mall "Atrium Azur" and xRoom.